Linda Drijvers

linda_originalFace-to-face communication often consists of an audio-visual binding between auditory input and visual input, such as visible speech and co-speech gestures. These visual signals can help a listener to understand speech in adverse listening conditions, such as in noise, or when you are a non-native listener of a language.

I am interested in the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie such multimodal comprehension and production processes. For example, does multimodal language facilitate a listener’s predictions of upcoming speech, and therefore facilitate language production? Is our brain ‘hard-wired’ for processing multimodal language in a face-to-face context?

I use behavioral methods and eye-tracking to study the cognitive underpinnings of these phenomena, and use magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) to investigate the neural oscillatory dynamics that support these processes.

I’m also passionate about science communication. Please see KNAW’s Faces of Science for blogs/videos on my research.

Please also see my my research gate profile or my google scholar profile for my publications.

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