Vacancies & internships

We are hiring! We have 2-year-post-doc and research assistant post openings on the ERC project “Communication in Action (CoAct)” at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition & Behaviour (Radboud University Nijmegen). The project investigates situated, multimodal language processing (using both conversational corpora and experimentation) with a focus on how visual communication, such as manual gestures and facial signals, interface with spoken language comprehension. The post-doc should have a background in language processing and experience with EEG, as well as a strong interest in human multimodal communication. Both positions are two-year appointments. Application deadline is May 20th!

Post-doc advert and application link:
Research assistant advert and application link:

Note: BOTH POSITIONS ARE FOR 2 YEARS, also the post-doc position (the contract duration of 1 year on the university vacancy page is *in*correct).

We’re also open to applications for internships / thesis projects starting at various dates throughout the academic year. Various projects (using behavioural methods, corpus analyses, EEG/EMG, VR, visual graphics, motion tracking, etc.) are currently available!

Please contact / for details, or see for possible projects below:

Note that the below-mentioned projects are examples of projects, and we are always open to new ideas. We are also constantly looking for students who wish to gain experience in coding verbal and non-verbal signals in conversational data sets. Get in touch to discuss possibilities for lab rotations, internships, and bachelor/master thesis projects.